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For a list of pages see Category:Thailand.

Related material is available in our Thai-Language section.

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Free Software

  • Linux.Thai.Net - the very first portal of Thai Linux users/developers
  • Planet TLWG - life and works of Thai Linux people
  • MyComputer Training Center - Training center in Bangkok. Offering the Linux/Opensource Software training courses, community support and useful resources.
  • Linux TLE - NECTEC sponsored Ubuntu based distribution of Linux. Installation & configuration is Thai.

Digital Content

  • Creative Commons Thailand - port the CC license to Thailand jurisdiction. The (draft of) ported licenses are available in wiki.
  • Fuse - portal/repository of Thai creative works (shortfilms, animations, music, novel, etc.) licensed in CC.
  • DuocoreTV - Thai Video Podcass that updates new information techonology trends from global to Thai IT Industry.
  • Fanrosana The promotion of political campaign for senate election


  • Nokkrob - (นอกกรอบ - out of the frame) Investigates decentralized and self-organizing systems; about 10% of the content is in English.
  • Freedom Against Censorship Thailand - Thai advocacy group against the censorship
  • Social bookmarking communities: Siam Collective; Zickr, Duocore
  • Fringer - Free articles and slides shared on areas of free movement Information.
  • Cubic Creative - A Group of highschool students from the Satit Kaset High School create social projects for teens.
  • Idea Bangkok - A prototype crowdsourcing tool for the purpose of aggregating ideas for improving Bangkok
  • - Update Green trends in Thai.
  • - A crowdsoucing tool for the purpose of aggregating ideas for improving a Thai law.
  • Libraryhub - A hub for libralians'conection and knowledge.
  • ChangKhui - A Thai podcast for Thai people to learn ideas from experts in different area.
  • [2]