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Now finished the initial job of reformatting this excellent piece of work, hoping this will attract a wider audience.

Still worth doing:

  • more links from here to other pages in the wiki
  • more relevant categories
  • perhaps put id="" into section headings, for ease of reference.

For a first pretty random example of using id= as anchor, see P2P and Human Evolution Ch 4#1.D Suggested standards:

  • do not use chapter number (that's in the page name)
  • put in all the other section numbers / letters as used, but not the leading or trailing "."
  • so, for the example above
    • in the page itself, put a <span> around the 4.1.D. in the title, as <span id="1.D">4.1.D.</span>
    • link from inside the wiki as above [[P2P and Human Evolution Ch 4#1.D]]