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Since I am the creator of PSCF, and thus have a vested interest in it, I did not want to change the page directly without community input.

I would like to add that the PSCF has also been discussed in the Financial Times Alphaville blog at

The download page for the software and sample models is and the repository is at

The rationale for developing this model is presented in four posts on PF2's ExpectedLoss blog. These are:

Are Sovereign Ratings Too Subjective? A Belated Response to Nate Silver

Pro Bono Finance

Credit Rating Agency Models and Open Source

Multiple Rating Scales: When A Isn't At A

great, I will add them, but please feel free to modify as long as the motivation is not commercial self-promotion, which I readily accept it is not.

--MIchel Bauwens 02:43, 28 May 2012 (UTC)