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Notes from Sam Rose

Smari McCarthy asks (last night, prior to conference) "what if we change to p2p systems when the majority of 'energies' are in the industrial paradigm/structure?"

Sam notes: Yochai Benkler discusses in the "The Wealth of Networks":

There is no guarantee that networked information technology will lead to the improvements in innovation, freedom, and justice that I suggest are possible. That is a choice we face as a society. The way we develop will, in significant measure, depend on choices we make in the next decade or so.

During Michel Bauwens everything open and free mindmap at #mediaecomanc09 [1] Everything Open and Free Michel discusses how a Self Selected Certification emerges around Arduino projects, that displays recognized stamps on arduino circuits allowing end users to recognize high quality arduino contributors and fabricators. Some participants criticized the idea that concepts can be "reduced to a mindmap".

Sam notes: a mind map is a beginning, a model. John Henry Holland will remind us that the map is not the territory. Perpetually generative maps may be more reflective (and less normalized) of reality. People tend to need a literacy of looking at complex patterns to make use of maps that are generated by complex data (and maps that are generated by complex systems models).

Access is a concept inherent in many discussions. Interoperability is also inherent. Emergent Biological Ecosystems was discussed, too.