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Hello! ;-)

I am trying to help in this wiki, please take all edits I do as suggested edits, revert them if they don't work for you.

I am seeing an issue that I think affects the wiki, mainly that it is heavily a link-farm, with many, many links outside the wiki. Also, often there are internal wiki links that are also formatted to look like they are external links. A major point of wiki, is to be able to easily create and link pages within the wiki. So I suggest that pages like Category:Bios be changed to internal wiki links, removing as many as possible external links.

Also, there are a lot of essay type articles here, think about what words with in that text can be wikified.

Best, Mark

Hi Mark, welcome!

It's awesome that you made it here! I like the link about Digg above. I'll include it in info about digg in the page we are makign about Social Bookmarking. I think that the author you link to above shows the weeknesses of trying to make a social bookmarking system that is primarily a popularity contest.

Someone recently pointed out to me that Suroweiki's Wisdom Of Crowds book says:

Under what circumstances is the crowd smarter?

There are four key qualities that make a crowd smart. It needs to be diverse, so that people are bringing different pieces of information to the table. It needs to be decentralized, so that no one at the top is dictating the crowd's answer. It needs a way of summarizing people's opinions into one collective verdict. And the people in the crowd need to be independent, so that they pay attention mostly to their own information, and not worrying about what everyone around them thinks.

digg is lacking in the area of "worrying about what everyone around them thinks". Suroweicki gives examples of ways that groups of people can solve qualitative problems when they have the conditions he describes above. The classic futures studies Delphi method is one example (at least where it is concerned with forecasting).

This is article about digg, IMO, demonstrates Conway's Law in action. The output of the system once again reflects the nature of it's actual internal communications.-User:SRose

Dear Mark: first of all, thank you so much for your assistance. There's a lot that I don't know. For example, looking at your change, I now see how to hide links behind a word, and will certainly do that in the future. I've started to do a lot more internal linking using brackets recently, but don't have much time to go systematically backwards in the 3,000 pages backlog. My job for now is to quickly cut and past my research material into it, and perhaps next year, I will focus more on improving existing entries; but of course, for the new ones, I'll take into account your remarks

This is a paragraph I'm not really understanding:

A major point of wiki, is to be able to easily create and link pages within the wiki. So I suggest that pages like Category:Individuals be changed to internal wiki links, removing as many as possible external links.

Actually, I think you do! ;-) Making internal links like For example - instead of For Example - one of them is an internal wiki link and the other is an external looking link, with the exteral link flag on it.
Ok, got it now, but in some cases, why not link externally, if the link is really external. right? Michel Bauwens

You are right Michel Bauwens.

The point I was trying to make is that on many pages there is a lot of information, and a lot of pointers off wiki. I for one, if not interested/involved in wiki, would read the info and follow the links. So I would be gone from this site in a few minutes. I am under the understanding that you are trying to build a community here, so most of your links should delve the reader deeper into the wiki, keep them here to show what a resource this place is. I internalized several external links that were common, like the weblog and newsletter because of that philosophy.

got it now, Michel Bauwens

I think we should try to schedule a skype meeting to touch base, to see what it would be best for me to do to help out here. What do you think? Best, MarkDilley

'Yes, I look forward to it, any day except Friday lunch and the weekends; will be off July 15 to August 15 as well, Michel Bauwens

I only use this Category:Individuals one time only on the main page, as suggested by another wiki expert Brice.

it was only an example, I think you explained it that you are "seeding" this wiki with your research work and will take new ideas for the future, and get back to ones from the past (aka 3,000)


Are you good with colors and look and feel? I'm not too happy with the way the wiki looks.

Not really, I can point you to places, but one of the things I love about wiki is it's simplicity, but it does bring up the point that there needs to be a community page for tasks.

Doesn't that exist already, under Community Portal?

Also, I'd like for people to see recent changes directly on the main page, but only the topics, not the technical info now visible when you click on recent changes...

not sure what you mean...

See , the column on the right

I see, they are using a different wiki software enginge, TikiWiki.

Anything similarly possible in MediaWiki?

Michel Bauwens, not that I am aware of, but you can go here to check:

Can you help?

will do what I can! ;-)


I'm not to keen on empty links. I've noticed that you've been creating lots of bio links, using a different format than what we use (lastname, firstname) ...

I would prefer you'd leave them like that.

Doesn't mean of course, I'm not appreciating your efforts, on the contrary!!


Hello Michele,

Future links are a big part of what builds wiki community, in my opinion. As I thought that was what you were interested in, I was creating the opportunity for anyone to add information to them. I will not wikify pages if that is not what you would like.

As for the bio links, I am trying to create wiki as a communication model, as it builds wiki community. So when I sign a link, or refer to someone, the easiest thing to do is link to there name. So if I am talking about you Michel Bauwens, it should link somewhere! And it does, it links currently to a redirect to an empty bio page. So right now I will fix it to be what I think makes the most sense for this wiki.

I am glad to continue to push for ways to make this more than an information repository, but really, if you don't like the edits, change them back and I will see what you are changing back and discuss with you. That is the wiki way. By the way, we can communicate here on the wiki, I really dislike email, unless it is needed for private conversation. Best, MarkDilley


Hello Michel and Mark!

delighted to see this conversation in public - helps me get a sense of what you guys are discussing asynchronously :)

Mark, I am reaping the benefits of a reduced email box the wiki-way :)

I just added Recent Changes to my RSS reader. I clicked on a few and agree there is a great deal of past an excerpt of the article and a link to that article outside this wiki.

I would love to see a bigger focus on community projects with a strong list of references to supporting material or further reading.

I could definitely use some assistance with our P2P Toolkit project and whittling down the basics. I'll review and make an edit now.

Redirecting my page

Hi MarkDilley, it would be great if you could make your proposed changes at my account page (redirect it to Vasilis Niaros and then the talk page back to account page). Thanks!

Are you around?

Hello! Just wondering if you are around, and whether you are interested in continuing to maintain this wiki? We are developing plans... Simon Grant (talk) 10:14, 8 February 2019 (UTC)

Hello again Mark -- how about we have a talk sometime, to see where our respective interests lie, and how we might coordinate? You're welcome to e-mail me directly through --- asimong --- and or phone (find number on my web site) Simon Grant (talk) 16:32, 15 March 2019 (UTC)