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[8:07:46 PM] *** p2pfound1 added Frédéric Sultan *** [8:07:50 PM] *** p2pfound1 added Beatriz Busaniche *** [8:08:09 PM] p2pfound1: access to the names [8:08:14 PM] p2pfound1: via [8:08:44 PM] Frédéric Sultan: Thanks [8:08:52 PM] Frédéric Sultan: hello Bea [8:08:58 PM] Frédéric Sultan: hello Michel [8:09:19 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: Hello Frederic [8:09:21 PM] p2pfound1: just hearing from bea that it is too early for annette, so shall we proceed? [8:09:27 PM] p2pfound1: I'm calling you up [8:09:32 PM] *** Group call *** [8:10:07 PM] Frédéric Sultan: no sound ! [8:10:11 PM] p2pfound1: I only here typing sounds from frederick [8:11:02 PM] Frédéric Sultan: I dont'here nothing : no ring, no voice [8:11:22 PM] p2pfound1: i hear everything you do except our voice [8:11:29 PM] p2pfound1: ah bea is there [8:11:31 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: hi, i am having troubles with mi mic. give me a second [8:12:19 PM] Frédéric Sultan: nothing [8:12:44 PM] p2pfound1: fred, can't you here? [8:13:11 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: i can hear you frederic, but it is noisy [8:13:19 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: it like a whisper [8:13:38 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: low [8:13:40 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: yes [8:14:08 PM] p2pfound1: a first list of 15 names we can agree on? [8:14:27 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: yes, [8:14:35 PM] p2pfound1: let's go to wiki page and make comments like ok, not ok, +any additional reason why or why not [8:15:17 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: ok [8:15:34 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: but i do not really know some of the people, [8:15:40 PM] p2pfound1: what about Mayo: MAYO FUSTER España [email protected] IGOP - BERKMAN CENTER FOR INTERNET AND SOCIETY, (HARVARD UNIVERSITY) – broad commons approach, networker also between LA/ Spain and the US (MB***0 [8:15:53 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: what is the meaning of the mb comment [8:15:56 PM] p2pfound1: but that's true for all of us, so perhaps we all start with the people we know .. [8:16:23 PM] p2pfound1: we were supposted to put from 1-3 stars to every name in preparation for this meeting, I added them to the names I know [8:16:37 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: aah ok [8:16:45 PM] p2pfound1: so what about mayo? [8:16:59 PM] p2pfound1: fred? [8:17:03 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: mayo is ok for me, i know her, i guess allo us us know her [8:17:11 PM] p2pfound1: yes, so, ok then [8:17:16 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 1 = Mayo [8:17:36 PM] p2pfound1: what about Juan Freire (MB:*) / Antonio Lafuente from spain [8:17:55 PM] p2pfound1: I know Juan, he's really good if a bit distant but very influential in spain [8:17:58 PM] p2pfound1: don't know alfonso [8:18:14 PM] p2pfound1: so I propose to put juan, and alfonso as reserve for a 2nd round in case juan can not come [8:18:15 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: me neither [8:18:17 PM] p2pfound1: or vice versa? [8:18:39 PM] Frédéric Sultan: Mayo is also ook for me : *** [8:18:48 PM] p2pfound1: I will create a subsection called 'accepted' [8:18:53 PM] p2pfound1: ok fred for mayo [8:19:03 PM] p2pfound1: now on to freire/alfonsp [8:19:04 PM] Frédéric Sultan: I don't know the other [8:19:16 PM] p2pfound1: you don't know either of them? [8:19:18 PM] p2pfound1: bea? [8:20:00 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: someone from the medialab prado is ok [8:20:27 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 2: media lab, juan (alfonso) [8:21:07 PM] p2pfound1: ok, we're procceding to name 3 [8:21:19 PM] Frédéric Sultan: ok [8:21:29 PM] p2pfound1: bea mentions we need someone fromv via campesina, she's adding the names to the wiki now] [8:21:56 PM] p2pfound1: so, ok for NAME 3 = Via campesina [8:22:38 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: [8:22:55 PM] p2pfound1: one of 3: Camila Montesinos (Chile), Carlos Vicente (Argentina) (Grain) or Francisca Rodriguez (Chile, Anamuri, Asociacion Nacional de Mujres rurales e indígenas . Vía Campesina). [8:24:14 PM] p2pfound1: in conversation with bea [8:24:46 PM] Frédéric Sultan: ok [8:24:49 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 3 grain: Camila Montesinos (Chile), (RESERVE: Carlos Vicente Argentina) [8:24:55 PM] p2pfound1: ok fred [8:25:23 PM] Frédéric Sultan: ok [8:26:21 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: Maristela Svampa* [8:27:41 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 4, bea strongly recommends sociologisty maristela, who ALSO has contacts with minery and fishing sectors [8:27:43 PM] p2pfound1: I agree [8:27:45 PM] p2pfound1: Fred? [8:28:02 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 4: Maristela Svampa, [8:28:04 PM] p2pfound1: ok fred [8:28:07 PM] Frédéric Sultan: good [8:29:15 PM] Beatriz Busaniche: [8:29:19 PM] p2pfound1: bea says we need clacso, latin american social science council [8:29:37 PM] p2pfound1: bea says emil sader is ok [8:29:39 PM] Frédéric Sultan: there are a lot in the list, right ? [8:29:39 PM] p2pfound1: fred? [8:30:00 PM] p2pfound1: we need 15 today for first round of invitations, if we have 2 per country to start with? [8:30:35 PM] p2pfound1: so I propose NAME 5: Emil Sader, CLACSO Argentina [8:30:39 PM] p2pfound1: fred ok? [8:30:52 PM] Frédéric Sultan: yes [8:31:51 PM] p2pfound1: fred, see silke's comment: Elisabeth Peredo, Author, activist ecologist esp. water movement and Director of the Solon Foundation, BOLIVIA – I (Silke) think she is crucial for networking in Bolivia [8:31:59 PM] p2pfound1: bea and me agree [8:32:09 PM] p2pfound1: bea is checkign if solon foundation is linked to pablo [8:32:28 PM] Frédéric Sultan: yes it is [8:32:55 PM] Frédéric Sultan: but he can't be the director because of his place in the governement [8:33:00 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 6, Elisabeth Peredo, Bolivia [8:33:04 PM] p2pfound1: ok for name 6 fred? [8:33:30 PM] Frédéric Sultan: yes [8:34:08 PM] p2pfound1: bea and me are ok for Miguel Said Vieira**, he was at crottorf [8:34:15 PM] Frédéric Sultan: she is crucial for international networking too [8:34:16 PM] p2pfound1: the ** are form silke [8:34:33 PM] Frédéric Sultan: He is a friend [8:34:47 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 7: Miguel Said Vieira [8:34:49 PM] p2pfound1: WE ARE OK [8:34:53 PM] Frédéric Sultan: He was also at Berlin [8:34:55 PM] Frédéric Sultan: ok [8:35:51 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 8, automatic as boll foundation, Camila Moreno [8:35:55 PM] p2pfound1: ok frfed [8:36:17 PM] Frédéric Sultan: how many from brasil ? [8:36:32 PM] p2pfound1: one more now [8:36:33 PM] Frédéric Sultan: I think someone like Vinicius Braz Rocha should be good [8:36:58 PM] Frédéric Sultan: because more in the ground [8:38:12 PM] p2pfound1: bea doesn't know him, but I also recommend [8:38:28 PM] p2pfound1: the problem is all the people in brazil are interesting, difficult to choose [8:39:24 PM] p2pfound1: bea strongly recommends sergio and jose, as 'most important' [8:39:34 PM] p2pfound1: I agree .. [8:39:42 PM] p2pfound1: fred what do you think [8:42:34 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 8: Vinicius [8:43:50 PM] p2pfound1: for brazil, NAME 9, 1st Vinicius, 2nd Jose Murillo, 3 Miguel [8:46:20 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 10: Carolina Botero [8:47:06 PM] p2pfound1: NAME 11, Santiago Moura Hoerth