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Great explanation Michel. I think the title does not really give the idea that it is actually a technical explanation more than an ideological one. Maybe the article would benefit from a little further unpacking of the following paragraph and maybe a comparative example?

"The enterpreneurial coalitions that are linked around a PPL commons would be explicitely oriented towards their contributions to the commons, and the alternative value system that it represents. From the point of view of the peer producers or commoners, i.e. the communities of contributors to the common pool, it would allow them to create their own cooperative entities, in which profit would be subsumed to the social goal of sustaining the commons and the commoners. Even the participating for-profit companies would consciously contribute under a new logic. "

Meitheal - Crypto Value for Volunteer Organisations

The purpose is to provide a vehicle and framework for Co-operative framework for groups using Crypto - Punts in Ireland (CP, Cypto - or Crypto-Drachma in Greece) by offering a medium to exchange services at the grass-roots level.

If you are in agreement with this proposal can I ask you to please pass on to your contacts/social media page or to those you think could help implement such a scheme.

As Francis Hutcheson (tutor to Adam Smith in Glasgow university) in one of his famous phrases said ' The greatest good for the greatest number of people' - he maintained that people were inherently good and fundamentally wished to help there fellow citizen. Hutcheson was immensely influential on the American founding fathers and on the families of the United Irishmen in Ireland. Francis Hutcheson is buried in St. Mary's churchyard, Wolfe Tone St, Dublin, Ireland.



1: Charity Groups:

for example for deprived youths - providing Legup Education, Examination Help, Music Classes, Sport events etc

2: Community Groups:

Cleaning up localities, Facility Development, clearing snow from communal local footpaths, planning and creating Elevated Pedestrian-Cycle Paths in dangerous country roads, help in disaster/storm recovery

3. OAPS and Unemployed:

Exchange of services such as house/pet sits, assistance in the care for elderly, child collect from school. Also for example OAPs could provide career/skill mentoring to the younger generation in exchange for help in heavy manual tasks.



How to get things started. A forum in social media page to garnish support and contact to such sites as & , BitCoin Forums and others who will provide contacts/advice for the technical aspects required for such a 'Pilot Scheme'

1. PoC: (Proof of Concept) - 'Project Cobblers' -

Setup a forum in social media to initiate publicity - discussion and elicit support Agreement of the Vision (what it stands for and what it is NOT intended for) An agreement and the establishment of CP value standards for different services - i.e. what is this activity really worth Agreement on arbitration processes and procedures in the event of disagreements or disputes Registration procedures both for individuals and for organisations/charities and how a continuous audit will be carried out to ensure 'due diligence' and Fair Play. Legal framework and rights etc A Pilot Scheme can be established to provide 'Proof of Concept ' using web based 'crowd funding' to establish the pilot scheme A framework.accounts/how value will be transferred from your account to a registered charity etc A distributed 'Block Chain' ledger that is both secure and one that cannot be high jacked in the future (a design similar to the 'Bitcoin' concurrency) Later the design of CP including ATM types, balance/transaction facilitation and security Design, Development, Testing, UAT and Implementation of the 'Pilot Scheme'

2. Implementation & Infrastructure (Service Exchange, CP Smart Card, ATMS etc ):

This would require a design and testing of the CP Smart Card (Crypto Punt card similar to the debit cards) simple and easy to use by elderly etc. A Services exchange - where Services are offered/available and services wanted can be advertised, where (Crypto Punt) CP Value can exchanged, arbitration process will be initiated and managed, where additional contact/support and framework information is available.

3. Government:

Government agreement or sponsorship would need to be obtained. However the principle of 'If you don't support, dont interfere' could be adopted.



The same template could be used in providing grass roots services and aid in developing countries. For example refugees encampment logistics and support could be provided via modifications to the above infrastructure. Emergency/Disaster relief could also make good use of such infrastructure at minimal cost, efficiency and maximum use of resources available.