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I mainly copied this here for the table. But I think the fediverse will prove to be a technological revolution as significant as the web, or the internet, which is why I started the page on Wikipedia. I'm frustrated by the way the quality of the text on the page has mostly decreased, rather than increased, with multiple edits. I would like to go through the history of the page on Wikipedia, merge all the best bits into this page, and then paste it back there, but it will need to wait until I get some free time, and the use of a faster computer. --Strypey (talk) 13:48, 19 December 2018 (UTC)

That would be great, thank you Strypey! Would you (in due course) remove the templates we don't have, and the "red" links to non-existent pages? Simon Grant (talk) 23:15, 11 January 2019 (UTC)
Of course, no worries. It's extremely frustrating that the table isn't easily portable between MediaWiki instances without a bunch of manual cleaning up :( I copied the fediverse article here partly because I was getting concerned with the risk of it being deleted from Wikipedia for lack of "notability", as there's been very few secondary sources writing about it so far without reducing it all to Mastodon :/ Coming up with a better version of this article for both P2PF and Wikipedia is a small part of a larger bunch of work I'm doing related to the fediverse, so watch this space! If your concern is this half-complete work making the P2PF wiki look sloppy, feel free to cut'n'paste all the messy bits into this page until I have time to tidy them up. --Strypey (talk) 13:40, 18 January 2019 (UTC)
Thanks! I have now done most of the removal of red links... Simon Grant (talk) 16:40, 18 January 2019 (UTC)

I'm not a big fan of wholesale importation of articles from the Wikipedia beyond the occasional 'opportunistic updating'

My arguments are, why copy what already exists, why important complex coded text which is vey hard to update, and it comes with a number of empty links and references which are inaccessible because they are located outside our own wiki

--MIchel Bauwens (talk) 05:07, 19 January 2019 (UTC)

In general I am in complete agreement. This is a very special case to me: in case it's not clear to you Michel, Strypey was the very person who originated the Wikipedia page, and his reasons for frustration with the Wikipedia process are given above, convincingly. In my opinion Strypey is being highly responsible here. The interim problem to me was the mass of red links, which I have dealt with as a holding move. Simon Grant (talk) 14:09, 19 January 2019 (UTC)
Thanks for the vote of confidence Simon Grant but I totally see the point MIchel Bauwens is making. A more responsible approach on my part might have been to quote a selection of the fediverse article in the main page, and paste the content I was concerned about potential loss of into this talk page. Sorry I haven't had time to do further development on this page as yet. --Strypey (talk) 20:49, 24 October 2019 (UTC)

by the way, my comment is a generic one, but I'm totally okay with exceptions and trust your judgment on this --MIchel Bauwens (talk) 13:05, 28 October 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the vote of confidence :) I still believe this topic is important and I will be returning to this page to improve the content as time allows. --Strypey (talk) 15:25, 30 October 2019 (UTC)