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We ought to develop #tags

I totally agree with this article. Previously, I used to scout the web through RSS feeds in Google reader. Since its death, I trid some other but none was up to par. I probably have to retry searching.

But my main point is that neither Facebook nor RSS feeds are suitable for me. Facebook is pushing waste in my own feed (although it's supposed to be from people or groups I liked in the first place) and RSS (do the newcomers on internet even know this exists?!) is quite the same, instead I have to 1) find the flow 2) register it in an rss reader, and 3) read through potentially waste as well as not all articles from a website might interest me.

The page mentions the semantic web, and, in principle, I agree this is the way to go. Only it looks like it's going to be way too complicated for lay mortals (personal feeling of course). I see much more potential in #tag based messages. Not the 140 ones, but more like what you can do in Diaspora*: you declare your centers of interest to the system, and let much more potentially interesting feeds enter your own zone of interest (the sub-net talked aout in the article).

To end this, I find that communication todays aren't P2P anymore despite the rise in the terms we use. UUCP was, albeit crudely, a intentional P2P communication system since you'd need a strong will to discover and create!the!path!to!connect!to!whoever!you!wanted!to!talk!to. Now, people spurt their messages to the internet, hoping someone will catch them and reply back. Or, they use specific forums hoping all members of the forum will be interested in whatever crossed their mind because it has a dim link to it.

My own interests today go toward Diaspora* and Synereo (still in development).

--Nicolas Stampf (talk) 09:13, 25 February 2015 (UTC)