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I am starting this section with a copy of my article from wikipedia and is under development.

I hope to link this in better with other P2P topics and to start uploading practical guidelines on how to start and run an emissions reduction currency system.

thanks a lot for your contribution

hi, some of our rules are different than the Wikipedia, so it's generally not a good idea to just copy the wikipedia code version

- for example, we use full capitals in all our entry names - no dead links and no general links, we only carry material that must at least somehow be related to our p2p angle (so no links to years, places, common words, encyclopedic matter that's not related, etc..)

--Mbauwens 12:58, 3 September 2010 (UTC) Okay - I will get onto this tonight. Thanks

Could you check one more thing out, your notes refer to the bottom of the page, but there it gives a template link, but the template seems empty?

--Mbauwens 14:33, 5 September 2010 (UTC)