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Conversation about the concept of the workshop

Heartfelt thank you, Alain, Franco, and Silke for initiating this very timely and important workshop!

Let's use this discussion space for furthering the proposal in commoning style, appreciating the contribution of each and trusting that the vision emerging from the conversation can be even more powerful than as it is already.

One of the suggested possible projects to discuss at the workshop is forming a "commons curation commons" outlined here.

Joe Corneli wrote 28-Dec-2012: It sounds good! I wonder if it would be useful to collect some more strategies about this commons coordination stuff. For instance, "curation" seems like a good base-line activity, but maybe there should also be some strategic objectives that run in parallel?

George Pór replied 28-Dec-2012: Maybe not just running parallel but actually guiding the curation process, helping prioritizing the ex/inclusion criteria of the collection, the selection of its delivery channels, etc.

For that reason, if the "commons curation commons" makes it to the agenda of the workshop, it would need to be preceded by work on the overall communication strategy that will hopefully include the objective to contribute to the movement's collective consciousness, intelligence, and capabilities.

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What is the purpose of the workshop?

The draft says: "The main objective of the meeting is to gather different persons with skills on communication and educational projects in order to define plans and future initiatives to improve the communication about commons towards a broader public." (boldface added by GP)

What follows the "in order to" is certainly a very valuable, public-facing objective. I can imagine, and would feel just as enthused for working for a complementary, movement-facing objective. Something like this — in order to: enhance the movement's collective consciousness, intelligence, and capabilities.

How does that sound to you? If my suggestion resonates with you, the enlarged purpose would also need to be reflected in crafting the invitation, the selection of invitees and the design of the workshop. George Pór - 18:59, 14 December 2012 (UTC)

from Alain Ambrosi, Dec 17, 2012 at 11:43 PM :

This first draft was written as a memo to be built on. I didn't have time to react myself since the Mexico encounter. You responded first and you are abolutely right : we need both public-facing and movement-facing objectives. At the Mexico deep dive meeting we came to the conclusion that, given the variety of ways, levels and domains of commoning of the group of participants, we are engaged in the co-creation of a new culture with its own narrative, institutions and daily practices of conviviality (ways of being and doing together) . We need to share, disseminate and promote that new culture at two levels :

  • the commons movement in order to « enhance the movement's collective consciousness, intelligence, and capabilities » and
  • the general public in order to inform people and hopefully convince them that "another world is possible" and another way of doing things is feasible here and now.

All the best, Alain

Ideas for further discussion before or at the workshop

"We heard from Michel that the P2P Foundation has identified about 2,000 interesting videos and I guess, many of them directly commons related. I believe, Neal Gorenflo of has also some very relevant vids.

Imagine, if we could organize all of the above, index, annotate, tag and curate in a dynamic repository where individual pieces or clusters of them could become target for co-creative conversations, serve as Open Education Resources, or fuel the international dialogue for building/strengthening the Commons movement! If that appeals to you, let's organize some exploratory conversation about this, even before the communication strategy workshop in May, and invite all the commoners who have audio-visual resources. The outcome of that could then flow into and enhance what we do at the workshop." (G.Por)

One of the biggest challenge we are facing in the remixthecommons project is to build and information architecture and a system for indexing, tagging etc. the multimedia files in an inter-cultural perspective. And it appears to be a broader issue than simply a question of lingua franca and translation. Translation tools are less important than the translation processes to put in place. (A. Ambrosi)

Several people, including Helene Finidori, Lisinka Ulatowska and myself, are launching a website called Commons Abundance Network. We hope that this will create "vital connections" that help people how to develop, improve, innovate on the organizational forms that fulfill the needs of humans as well as other living things, while using resources sustainably. Instead of TINA (There Is No Alternative) we propose NORA (Needs, Organizational forms, and Resources for Abundance). The organizational forms are mostly commons, various forms of shared ownership, control, responsibility, benefit. I would like to introduce others at the workshop to what we are doing, learn from what everybody else is doing, and look for ways we can collaborate to mutual benefit. (Wolfgang Hoeschele)

Hi Wolfgang! it would be great if you prepare some material to give a short presentation of CAN during the session 3. What do you think?. --Yaco (talk) 19:41, 4 March 2013 (UTC) Yes, I'll be glad to do that! (WH).