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Further development

Possible improvements to table structure

Boxes in the main tables that can contain multiple entries (musicians, genres, available) don't sort well. Take for example the lists of musicians associated with each artist/ release. These are useful in searching for patterns; do certain musicians favour the same license(s) across multiple musical projects? Also for getting aggregate information, eg the number of musicians (in total, per year etc) who have been involved in CC-licensed releases. However this column doesn't sort well; clicking on the column by sorts alphabetically by the first name of the first musician on each list. Information that doesn't sort well may need its own table(s) or page(s). --Strypey (talk) 11:37, 31 May 2017 (UTC)

Add all releases for all artists currently in the table

The initial set of entries up to the end of May 2017 were related to my project to bring attention to CC music as part of NZ Music Month. Most of the artists currently in the table still need to have the rest of their CC releases added. Be sure to check the license information for each release, as some artists use CC for some releases. --Strypey (talk) 07:30, 2 June 2017 (UTC)

Add more sources for releases

Because all these albums are CC, it ought to be possible for copies of them to be added to archives like the Free Music Archive and (eg Folksoundomy collection. In the current table structure, more sources can be added to the Available box. As mentioned in the section on table structure, having more than one source in each box works poorly with a sortable table. It might be necessary to put data about where an release can be downloaded into its own table. Research could to be done to identify the URL of the original web release, and replace the Available box with a "Released at" box.