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"underground barter economy is apparent" - I'd like to see this point expanded upon a bit more esp with your ack of a gift economy.

further research on BORG2:

"On the other hand, studies have shown that in a great many situations having a leader is more important than having the right leader; that in many settings vision and leadership ability are significantly over-rated by those who purport to have them, and that leaderless groups of collaborators, if kept to task by a facilitator, can often accomplish similar goals. Where collaboration seems break down is where deeply intuitive and poorly distributed talents -- like artistic ability or strategic insight -- are called for.

Creating an organizational model which can give people maximum leeway to collaborate effectively, while still acting strategically/ with vision -- if we can do that, we will turbocharge our ability to innovate and act. That's a holy grail there, that visionary collaborative approach..."


Chinarut 18:02, 22 June 2006 (CEST)

Chin: I will use your last quote to add to the entry on leaderlessness.