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Is this too strong; good, bad, ect?

"Basic Income can be compatible with Peer-to-Peer philosophy by providing a sense of economic equality that suites the voluntary nature of peer networks. The equalization of finance, or better, the material equality finance represents in Basic Income can help develop even richer economic foundations of existing and as yet developed peer networks. Reduced forced labor by societal pressures and a conditioned proprietary mindset can provide an additional influential stream in which a material based peer network or network series to come will have room to blossom without end. With it, in consequence, the demise of proprietary agency altogether."

Thanks for the feedback!


It is not entirely clear to me what you mean, as a basic income by itself does not change the distribution of wages and other forms of wealth, but it does provide a basic security, which allows people to move more readily in and out of the market, and thereby engage with open innovation communities. It is also a recognition of the value created through social innovation, by the quality of being an interconnected citizen.