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Taimur currently works for the UNDP in the Asia-Pacific Regional Centre in Bangkok. He has been with UNDP since 2003 in various capacities.

Presently, he is a Policy Specialist advising governments in Asia on economic planning/policy formulation. His areas of specialization are economic and social inequality, social protection and food security.

Previously, as a speechwriter to the Asia Pacific Bureau Director (Assistant Secretary General) at UNDP Headquarters from 2003-2008 he covered a range of topics including MDGs, Trade, Private Sector Development, and Inequality.

He also worked as an Inequality Specilaist in Sri Lanka at UNDP's Regional Centre in Colombo from 2008-2010; he led the work on social and economic inequality in Asia, the research effort culminated in a series of country case studies.

Prior to joining UNDP, Taimur opened a primary level school in Rawalpindi, Pakistan for children that previously worked in brick kilns.

He holds a BA degree in Philosophy and Mathematics from Williams College (MA, USA) and Oxford University (Oxford, UK) and an MA in Economics from the New School University (New York, USA). He maintains a regular blog on UN-wide Teamworks (an external knowledge sharing platform) on issues related to development. Recent posts have covered UN Reform, Inequality, Social Justice, and the Vocabulary of Development. They can be read at https://undp.unteamworks.org/node/12651/list?type_1[0]=blog


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