Systems Thinking for Integrated Social Transformation

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Tom Atlee:

"There are many diverse approaches to systems thinking and, among them, many systemic approaches to furthering healthy changes in society. Within this category we can include such diverse resources as (just for example):

A. Donella Meadows' Twelve Leverage Points to Intervene in a System and other applications of System Dynamics

B. EcoTrust's Pattern Language for a Conservation Economy and other socially oriented pattern languages

C. Ecological, evolutionary, chaos, and complexity sciences which track the dynamics of complex natural systems, many of which apply to social systems

D. Ken Wilber's All Quadrants All Levels model to embrace the subjective and objective dimensions of both individual and collective dynamics at various levels of development

E. Peggy Holman's Engaging Emergence and emergent "whole system" conversational process methods (Open Space, Dynamic Facilitation, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, etc.)

F. Scenario work, Theory U, and other whole-system approaches to engaging the future

G. The socially engaged Shamanism of such shamanic/Western integrators as John Perkins and the Pachamama Alliance H. Network theory, collective intelligence theory, and related theories that address the dynamics of whole-system functionality in modern technology-enhanced human systems

I. There are other systems-based approaches and models that belong in this list. What are they?" (