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"The Systemic Fiscal Reform Group (SFR Group) is a Cambridge-based economics think tank studying existing and alternative tax and welfare structures, their effectiveness and impact on the efficiency and stability of the economy.

We seek and promote practical solutions.

It is currently operated on a voluntary basis with no external funding. We invite funding and partnerships from organisations and individuals committed to a fair and sustainable economy.

We want to help people start thinking more radically about this. To integrate and harmonise property rights, finance and taxation." (


SFR Group Position Statement


"Homes should be places to live, commercial property places to create wealth. Neither should be things of pure speculative profit or loss.

People should be free to work for themselves or others without the clamp of taxation or bureaucracy.

Government should be run as a business serving all all citizens – its “shareholders”. It should not be a charity for bankers, landowners, the very wealthy or the poor."

2. Solving today's problems

"Existing tax and welfare structures are costly, inefficient and harmful. They need to be phased out as soon as practicable.

The natural source of government revenue is economic rent, such as from natural resources and property location values.

A universal Citizens’ Dividend – a dividend from “UK plc” – should replace welfare payments.

The creation and destruction of money is unsafe in the hands of private banks or government committees. Money reform is essential.

If these findings 'ring your bell' you probably ought to join us." (