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"Suresh Fernando's primary current project is the development of ProM, a 'dating site' for the climate action movement. The ProM concept is described here. The current status of the project is described here. As a part of this project, Suresh and the rest of the ProM team are developing the architecture and processes for scalable open projects.

During the last several years Suresh has been focused on developing innovative solutions and strategies in both the open collaboration and social finance space. He is the co-founder of OpenKollab, a virtual think tank exploring ways of leveraging recent developments in open collaboration processes, peer-to-peer culture, technology infrastructure, interoperability protocols etc. in service of massive social and systemic change. He is also a senior consultant for Cognitive Policy Works. Suresh is a social innovator who marries innovative strategies and models by fusing a deep understanding of collaboration processes and tools, community building platforms and processes and social finance models. He is also currently providing enterprise cross-boundary collaboration services; assisting organizations to identify the appropriate technology infrastructure and processes to effectively work together across organizational boundaries." (

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