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Your donation will help us pursue our mission to support people, organizations and governments transition towards commons-based approaches in every aspect of society through the co-creation of an open knowledge commons and a resilient, sustainable human network.

Thank you! With your help we can continue to:

  • maintain and enrich a global knowledge commons documenting the emergence of P2P dynamics in every field of human activity, including our open access wiki, daily blog and Commons Transition website;
  • expand the theoretical work produced on commons-oriented peer production, governance and property to ascertain its viability in real-world applications through our research network led by the P2P Lab;
  • assist local initiatives in finding each other and strengthening their cooperation;
  • advocate for and consult communities, non-profits, entrepreneurs, researchers and governments on generative P2P approaches to economy, governance, * support the creation of a global movement in support of the Commons and the emerging P2P paradigm.


We accept

  • Faircoin: fEtAzqZkqaBXdYDeG9mjnJ6KUuaz1FHzM6
  • Bitcoin: 13E2PjtLwaN2tYdzPx4TjUzHTcH1hn12oH
  • Paypal: [email protected]

If you have any questions or ideas, we’d love to hear them at: [email protected].