Studies on the Principle of Sharing

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* Book: Studies on the Principle of Sharing. By Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi. STWR, 2020


= "ongoing series of studies by STWR’s founder, Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi investigating the meaning and significance of the principle of sharing from spiritual and psychological as well as social, economic and political perspectives". [1]


"The articles were originally published online at over the course of 2011 to 2014, during the momentous revolutionary period that followed the global financial crisis. Much of the writing speaks to that sudden democratic awakening of society, when public uprisings and mass occupations became a significant force for change on the world stage.

But the essential vision contained within this book goes far beyond that single historical moment and has even greater relevance and urgency today.

Each article or ‘study’ reads like a joint enquiry between author and reader, leading us both to investigate the meaning of sharing as a solution to world problems—not only in an economic sense but also from social, psychological and even spiritual perspectives.

One theme Mesbahi constantly returns to is Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. First adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, this upholds everyone’s right to an adequate standard of living—including food, housing, healthcare and social security. Finally guaranteeing these basic entitlements for all people is central to our vision at STWR, informing our wider educational and campaigning work as a civil society organisation.

This collection of writings helps to elucidate that immense, all-embracing vision which also underpins Mesbahi’s other works.

Time and again, the author calls upon people of goodwill to rise up in peaceful protest, demanding an end to the tragedy of mass starvation in a bountiful world." (

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