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My independent career in strategic framing and organization design began in 1987. Since then I have provided professional consulting services as founder of Bosserman & Associates, Inc., now in its 30th year, and as co-founder of WorkSpan, Inc. which operated during the 1994 - 2001 period.

Given the expectations defined by grants and contracts covering my work, I have had the opportunity to serve a global client base that represents the private, public, and nonprofit / voluntary sectors as well as collaborate with a diverse, far-flung network of skilled, creative, and profound individuals.

My deliverables include: presentations, workshops, and webinars; face-to-face and virtual coaching and team training sessions; and, publications, e.g., books and book chapters, professional journal and trade magazine articles, and open source social media both as author / co-author.

Over the past thirty years, the primary focus of my work can be summarized as adaptive local economic development. Entering the fourth decade, I want to learn more about why people spend time as they do; how technology impacts the choices people make with their use of time; and what time-use alternatives people can make, individually and collectively, that enable them to adapt to changing conditions, meet their basic needs, and enjoy a reasonable quality of life with less effort. To facilitate this learning I am expanding my involvement with fellow members of a timebank I co-founded in my community, collaborating with my P2P colleagues in documenting what I'm learning along the way, and fulfilling a promise to my brother before he passed that I would finish a book about time he and I drafted twenty years ago.

Let the fun of this next chapter begin!

Current P2P Projects

Infrastructures for Relocalized Economies