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Via Joris Claeys:

"Sovolve creates powerful tools and systems to accelerate personal and community development and advance social evolution.

Imagine a world where everyone is empowered and encouraged to help each other grow!

Founded in 2012, Sovolve, LLC creates powerful tools to expedite personal and community development in order to advance social evolution. The company is led by a team of innovators from the high-tech, communications and social media realms, including the founders of, and backed by experts in social science, psychology and game theory.

Sovolve's premiere web and mobile application, "Panomira," is a crowd-sourced social evolution technology that enables the acceleration of trust and greater self-awareness through honest, anonymous peer feedback. The app promotes growth by exposing members to new ideas, and connecting them to people and resources for social discovery and self-improvement."


Sovolve was started by some of the same people who started CouchSurfing (and later sold it out to Venture Capital, see also [1]).