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Ana Sofía Cardona is a Spanish activist, psychologist and degree in Media in H_Da, Germany. She collaborates with the in its extension group and is co-founder of the cooperativa integral valenciana, CIV- Atornallom, both transitional initiatives for social transformation from below, through self-management, self-organization and networking. She collaborates actively in release and inter-connect Social currencies in her area and she is co-founder of one of them, Ecoxarxa de Castelló. She is interested in the local movement for Food Sovereignty, and work on this way too.

Her last collaboration as an activist is in the Inverted Rescue Office, and in the group derecho de rebelion. She has organized the Second borderless economic Disobedience Meeting. Nowadays she is collaborating in Radi media shield, a communication medium based on the idea of the Integral Revolution.

Last Article: “Disobedience is not the problem of our society, but civil obedience.”.