Six Principles for a Open and Free Internet

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From the EU Open Internet campaign at


"If you believe Europe also merits an Internet that is free and open according to the following principles, please sign this petition and share it with your friends using the “Share it” links below:

1. Internet users are entitled to access, send and receive the content of their choice;

2. Internet users are entitled to use and run any content, any application and service;

3. Internet users are entitled to connect their choice of software or hardware that do not harm the network;

4. Internet users are entitled to choice and competition among network providers, application and service providers, and content providers;

5. Internet users are entitled to an Internet connection that is free of discrimination with regard to type of application, service or content or based on sender or receiver address. Broadband providers cannot block or degrade traffic over their networks, or pick winners by favoring some content or applications over others in the connection to subscribers’ homes. Nor can they disfavor an Internet service just because it competes with a similar service offered by them.

6. Providers of Internet access must be transparent about their network management practices and Internet users are entitled to an Internet connection with a predefined capacity and quality.

These principles should be enshrined in European and national laws, and enforced by the relevant authorities in a consistent manner across Europe." (