Situating Sarkar

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* Book: Inayatullah S. (1998). Situating Sarkar, 158 pp. Maleny, Australia: Ananda Marga Publications.


Focused on the theories of P. R. Sarkar.


"Sohail Inayatullah takes us on a journey through Indian philosophy, grand theory and macrohistory. We understand and appreciate Indian theories of history, specifically cyclical and spiral theories of time. From other civilizations, we learn how seminal thinkers understood the stages and mechanisms of transformation. Ssu-Ma Chien, Ibn Khaldun, Giambattista Vico, George Wilhelm Friedrick Hegel, Oswald Spengler, Comte Pitirim Sorokin, and Michel Foucault are invited to a dialog on the nature of agency and structure, and the escape ways from the patterns of history. But the journey is centered on P.R. Sarkar, the controversial Indian philosopher, guru and activist. While Sarkar passed away in 1990, his work, his social movements, his vision of the future remains ever alive. Inayatullah brings us closer to the heart and head of this giant luminary. Through Understanding Sarkar, we gain insight into how knowledge can transform and liberate."



  1. P.R. Sarkar on Escaping the Degenerative Cycles of History‎ ;
  2. Sohail Inayatullah on P.R. Sarkar's Civilizational Project‎

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(Sarkar's Theory of Social Change: Structure and Transcendence)