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  • Indie Energy [1]

The Indie Energy Networ and Energy App Exchang is an open real-time platform for 3rd party app developers to utilize live building data and applications to create energy efficiency solutions for buildings.

  • Kattner Associates LLC [2]

Advisory and educational services about how communities large, medium and small can share heating, cooling and electricity production and distribution equipment instead of everyone for themselves. Energy meshing in this way can reduce the amount of capital investment and lessen the impact on environmental resources such as air, water and land.

  • LocalGen UK [3]

localGen provides advice and resources to local communities looking to develop the community's energy resilience by developing energy-efficiency measures and electricity generation at or close to the point of consumption

The Micropower Council represents companies and organisations active in the microgeneration sector and campaigns on behalf of its members for a genuine mass market for small scale, low and zero carbon electricity and heat generating technologies.

The Energy Collective is an independent, moderated community of professionals focused on the complex challenges of meeting the world's energy needs sustainably.

Online archive of articles on wind energy, feed-in tariffs, and advanced renewable tariffs.

Energy Cooperatives

  • Energy Co-op of Vermont [7]

Member-owned energy supplier in Vermont.

  • Green Energy Cooperative [8]

Offers practical solutions for bringing top-quality fuel products to market.

  • Horizon Energy Cooperative Microgrid [9]

Aims to deliver renewable energy to Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom.

More Information

Directory of initiatives maintained by Lisa Gansky's Sharing Directory in the Mesh website: