Sharing Commons Spring Barcelona March 2013

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Sharing commons sprint. Barcelona. March 20th & 21st 2013. In occasion of Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation) visit to Barcelona.

Brought to you collaboratively by OuiShare, IGOP - UAB, Spanish Chapter of Open Knowledge Foundation and Amical Viquipedia, with the support of BCN The Lab.


Michel Bauwens on p2p economics

Michel Bauwens on p2p politics

March 20th

14h - Wikisprint


20h - Conference: Sharing and P2P economy by Michel Bauwens


Organized by OuiShare in collaboration with IGOP and the Spanish Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

March 21st

10 - 18:30h - Seminar ... a day with Michel Bauwens

  • When: March 21st 10 - 18:30h
  • What: Seminar. Addressed to those already working on P2P topics. Limited participation to 20 people (Please subscribe here).
  • Where: Escola de l'IGOP. Urrutia, 17. 08042 Barcelona. +34 648877748
  • Further details: website

Organized by IGOPNET (area of commons, Internet & politics of the Institute of government and public policies - Autonomous University of Barcelona) in collaboration with OuiShare, the School of the commons of Catalonia (Escola dels Commons), the Spanish Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation, Amical Viquipedia and Free Knowledge Institute.

19h - Conference: Institutions for/of the commons. State & Commons: An impossible match?. Reflections from a worldwide perspective by Michael Bauwens

  • When: March 21st - 19h
  • Where: Address: Escola de l'IGOP. Urrutia, 17. 08042 Barcelona. +34 648877748
  • Program:
    • Introduction & moderates: Mayo Fuster Morell (IGOPNET)
    • Introduction of OKFN - ES Javier Creus
    • Speech by Michel Bauwens
  • Interactive: Hangout hosted by OKFN-ES

Traducción simultánea al castellano a demanda. Traducció simultània al català si es precisa.

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