Sharing City Nijmegen

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Cat Johnson:

"When asked about the big picture for Nijmegen Sharing City, Roemen says it’s an experiment.

“My vision is that I really don’t know,” he says, “I’m just trying. What I find in Nijmegen is that as soon as you think you know, there will be people trying to burn it down.”

Roemen tells the story of a journalist who was questioning him in front of an audience. The journalist warned him ahead of time that he was going to ask him aggressive questions about the sharing economy. When he did, Roemen posed a question to the audience: If this is the future that’s coming up, do you want to convict it before you engage it?

“The more you pretend to know how it works, the more people will start convicting it,” he says. “If you start saying, ‘We don’t know how it works, we are creating it, we are playing with it,’ then people will want to come play.” (