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= Hub for the sharing economy in Seoul, South Korea



"Year of foundation: 2013

Commons orientation: This hub is based on a commons approach, including open collaboration over the platform.

The Office of Social Innovation of Seoul created the Sharing City project in 2012, in order to deal with different social, economic and environmental problems of the city. It promotes the sharing-oriented platform economy to create new jobs and increase incomes, reduce pollution, consumption and unnecessary waste, but above all, the hub has helped people to regain confidence in institutions, improving the relationships between citizens and government, and assisting to recover a sense of community.

To achieve this sense of community, the Government focused on creating the necessary bases and infrastructure through implementing five main policies:

(1) Promotion of the sharing model,

(2) Economic support to companies and enterprises,

(3) Improvement of laws and institutions,

(4) Creation of a system of incentives for each district, and

(5) Opening up of public facilities (including data).

Basically, the decision-making process was handled through the creation of different advisory committees, one focused on policies and another on institutions. To support the promotion of the sharing model and to help everyone to understand the value and the meaning of the platform economy, the Seoul city government and Creative Commons Korea, created the ShareHub platform to promote sharing culture, provide data about the collective economy and to make policy recommendations that support collaborative organizations and companies. This platform has different communication channels (online and offline) which help to connect the government, sharing-oriented platform companies and citizens. Through the web, these actors share information such as newsletters, lists of companies offering shared services and events related to the culture of sharing and policy development. The Hub organizes face-to-face meetings aimed at entrepreneurs, activists, policy-makers and citizens, where they share ideas, build new ones, and offer training for themselves regarding the platform economy." (

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