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"SeeClickFix is a free mobile phone and web app that enables citizens to take care of their neighborhoods by seeing non-emergency issues in their neighborhoods, clicking to create ‘tickets’ describing the issue and how to resolve it, and fixing the issue or reporting it to whoever can. This is smart mobby neighborhood stewardship – technology-enabled collectively intelligent behavior to identify and resolve neighborhood issues." (

2. y Marta Battistella:

"SeeClickFix follows a similar concept to that of the recently featured FixMyStreet and ReparaCiudad, but on steroids! It is a highly integrated digital platform which focuses on issues of quality-of-life, from simple problems regarding street and environmental conditions to more complex issues about the health of citizens and communities.

Community groups are thought as an integral part of the SeeClickFix ecosystem. The process of civic improvement that begins with the citizens is supposed to continue through the work of local organizations. Neighborhood associations, business improvement districts, and volunteer groups are already using SeeClickFix to take up the citizens’ causes and amplify their voices.

SeeClickFix provides an open online platform that can be scaled to help citizens to address the needs of their causes and communities. By helping community leaders find and connect with others who care, the aim of SeeClickFix is to make the critical mass for a community movement." (