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= Open Government policy hacker


"I'm a policy hacker. I advocate working on behalf of the public interest, and educating the congressional staff, FCC commissioners, administration officials, the media, and allied organizations on issues related to telecommunications, broadband, and open technology. In essence, what this means is that I translate from the geek into the wonk. I hope to affect meaningful changes, at the highest level, to a fundamentally flawed status quo.

What's interesting is that even though I work in D.C., my background is in radical media activism. I helped to build the Indy Media movement, which normalized this notion of journalism from the streets, which is now quite prevalent in our society. I've helped to build radio stations and community wireless networks, and organized rallies and un-conferences, much like Lee has done. I founded concert venues and foundations, and I've protested injustices and have been beat to shit by police, simply for exercising my right to assemble. I've been honored on the one hand, and blacklisted for the same work, for the same community-organizing work, by my university. My involvement in one of the more preeminent progress think tanks, the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., has arisen as much from a series of fortunate and serendipitous events as to any plan A of a trajectory of where I wanted to go." (

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