Sample Cases of Commons Collaborative Economy in Barcelona

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See: Environmental Sustainability of the Collaborative Economy‎‎

From the document H2020–ICT-2016-1 DECODE D.2.1 at



CCCB: Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, oriented to open culture 44. Col·lectiu Punt 6: architecture, urbanism and participation collective which aims a life without any kindof discrimination 45. Coperfield:

business consultancy firm which holds an incubator for social innovation/entrepreneurshipprojects 46.

Dipòsit de la Recerca de Catalunya

Catalan Research Office with a link on open research 47.

Mapa literari català:

a literary dissemination platform  48.

X.Net: activist group specialized on different digital contemporary issues, including free culture andcopyright issues 49.

Restaurant Leka

a restaurant where the furniture, the work clothing and the recipes are based onopen-design and are available on their web 50.

Medio Design:

consultancy and design firm related to the new production and digital fabrication models  51.

Ableton Live Barcelona:

online informal community of Ableton creative software tools  52.

ARSGames: non-lucrative association for the videogames cultural research open dissemination andpromotion53.

Docúpate: experts and teachers panel who assists and teaches about documentary production 54.


on-demand tv platform of independent cinema 55.

Gràcia Territori Sonor:

non-lucrative association, based on Gràcia district, which aim is promotingexperimental music  56.


videoart and electronic arts distribution organization with a horizontal network form 57.

open, free and distributed communication media channel  58.


network and platform for the dissemination, debate and promotion around theatre andperforming arts in Catalunya 59.

Colectivo Enmedio

creative activism network creatiu 60.


audiovisual production cooperative  61.

Institute for Advanced Automatisms (IFAPA)

artistic-action based research collective which aim isto stop the effects of quantification and datification of capitalist societies 62.

Taller d’Història de Gràcia

non-lucrative association with a History workshop format which promotesthe research and rescue of the collective memory of Gràcia district 63.

La Caníbal:

cooperative bookstore which promotes non-fiction and critic, feminist literature, includingthrough cultural actions, events and presentations  


Blockchain and coin platform for the creative sectors  65.


two-sided market and sharing platform for those who wants to eat homemade food, and thosewho loves to cook at home 66.


crowdlending platform for environmental-friendly projects  67.


p2p platform for people who travel and people who want to send packets to other countries  68.


Blockchain platform for distributed governance  69.


Blockchain platform for decentralized organizations  70.


online B2B (with a P2P orientation) lending platform  71.

Community Exchange System

SaaS management tools for social coins 72.


financial services cooperative 73.

Fiare Banca Ética:

ethical bank 74.


personal P2P lending platform  75.


app for managing micropayments between friends and P2P  76.

Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data

an hybrid between GNO and consultancy private firm for thepromotion of Open Data use between civilians as in companies 77.


creative consultancy firm which organizes hackathons (as Smart City Hack contest) fordeveloping social apps and platforms  78.

Espai Contrabandos:

a space for the visibilization of independent publishing related to non-fiction andcritical thinking literature, by a collaboration with an association and Pol·len publishers cooperative  79.

Fablab Barcelona 80.


Open Design and Service Design firm 81.

Makerconvent: a makerspace at the Civic Center Convent de Sant Agustí 82.

MOB Barcelona:

creative coworking spaces; each space has a specialization. At the same time, theywork as an Open Innovation Platform  83. Ouishare España: ecosystem and network of collaborative economies entrepreneurs, promoters andresearchers 84.

Atta33 Makerspace+TMDC:

two interdependent makerspaces, with different focus united under thesame physical space  85.

Can Batlló  86.

International Creative Commons Cinema Festival of Barcelona:

Ciutat Invisible

self-managed cooperative oriented towards the creation and dissemination of criticalcontents which burst political and social transformation processes 88.

La Deriva: a disciplinary and postdigital self-managed space for creators and creatives 89.

La Escocesa:

cultural space for arts

La Fundición:

cultural work cooperative  90.

Lab Libertario:

non-physical space and collective which aim is the dissemination of new learning waysfor new tools of creation and open tech  91.

Librería Gigamesh:

fantasy genre bookstore where they promote and freely shares a space for smalland independent publishers, writers and local table game developers  92.


non-lucrative association which researches and promotes a collaborative, open, makerphilosophy. Some of their projects are El Recetario 93.

Transfolab: makerspace oriented towards the reuse and recycling of materials, as long as thepromotion of a circular economy culture 94.

The Social coin: social coin platform plataforma de moneda social 95.


social economy cooperative for technologic sovereignty 96.


tech and IT development cooperative 97.


independent non-lucrative organization wich promotes the strategic use of open IT andnetworks 98.

Open Wireless:

a wi-fi sharing network  99.

Bonobo Community

work cooperative for IT professionals 100.


platform tools for deliberating processes 101.

Swarm City:

Blockchain technology of commerce decentralization  102.


Generalitat de Catalunya program, inspired on Living Labs, oriented to create a social digitalinnovation spaces network based on Catalunya 103.

Open Green Map:

open mapping project for spaces, people and projects related to environmentalsustainability development 104.

Dones en Xarxa:

plataforma no lucrativa per a fomentar xarxes i promoció de les dones professionalsi emprenedores (abans vinculades al sector TIC) 105.


non-lucrative cooperative for incubating social and cultural entrepreneurial projects 106.


a cooperative for the social and solidary economy