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Salvino A. Salvaggio = business consultant and P2P / open source researcher



At the end of the 1990’s, together with Michel Bauwens, Salvino created the Observatory of the Digital Economy, an open research institute that published several reports digging deep into the various impacts of the digital technologies. Salvino mostly focused on the way new Internet technologies and new digital media impacted the economy and business. As a result, Salvino and Michel Bauwens edited the first ever book in French of anthropology of the digital society (Anthropologie de la societe digitale, Tome 1 et Tome 2).

Salvino A. Salvaggio has over 13 years of international management and consulting experience, (in innovation, strategy, organization and business technology), as well as a proven entrepreneurial mindset having launched and managed the growth and development of three ICT businesses. He is currently employed as a Senior Consultant by ANGLE plc, providing support towards the implementation and launch of the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). From June 2003 to November 2005, Salvino was Head of the Internet Portal in Qatar Telecom. Prior to that, he was an Internet Expert Consultant in McKinsey and Co. involved in strategy definition and implementation projects. Before that, Salvino was a Senior Manager in Accenture where he led the eCommerce Innovation Centre in Brussels. From the mid 1980’s till 2003, he was an academic in several European and North American universities and business schools.

He holds a Doctorate (Ph.D.), a corporate intensive MBA and has several post-graduate degrees. He has also published 9 books, 10 research reports and almost 100 articles in numerous scientific and professional journals, which have focused on the impact of ICT on contemporary society (business, social relationships, community development, etc.).

P2P Research

Since the early 2000’s, Salvino has oriented his research efforts towards the Open Source Software as well as the P2P platforms ; he tried to assess the magnitude of the economical impacts of these 2 fields. In 2002-2003, Salvino published the first extensive research report detailing both the qualitative and, especially, quantitative impacts of Open Source Software onto its business adopters (OpenSource : a r/evolution in the software industry ?). This report has had a considerable success as it is based on a number of concrete case studies highlighting the positive contribution of Open Source Software to the financials of the companies that adopted it. Lately, Salvino works on the definition of a new methodology to quantify the proportion of GDP growth due to the open source software and p2p movements.

Salvino belongs to the very limited group of researchers approaching the Open Source Software and the P2P phenomenon from an economical point of view.