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P2P Texts in Russian


Theories & Histories

Thesis: Creative History of the Russian Internet by Eugene Gorny (2006). Ref:


Art Platforms

Goriunova, Olga (2007). Swarm Forms: On Platforms and Creativity. MUTE Magazine Vol 2 #4. Accessible online:



From Agryfp:

Мифы Греции (Greek Myths) blog (2009

"Stumbled across this blog which itself is quite remarkable example of p2p data sharing. Under the strapline 'Mysterious world of ancient legends' it is really a mystery who is behind this blog, who set it up etc. Postings are Russian language translations, mostly from P2P Foundation blog (Michel Bauwens entries, The speed and volume of translations suggests it is an automated bot/script doing the translation labour"*/


From Agryfp:

It appears that BarCamp, open-space/unconference style gatherings have also blossomed in Russian Federation since 2007.