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= Brazilian Free Culture activist


From the Wikipedia:

"Ronaldo Lemos da Silva Júnior, Brazilian academic and commentator on copyright and culture. Lemos is Project Lead of the Creative Commons Brazil, Creative Commons International (CCi). [1]

Lemos is the director of the Center for Technology & Society at the Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) Law School, where he is also head professor of intellectual property law.

Lemos works with the Brazilian Federal Government on the implementation of its free software program. Lemos also works with the Ministry of Culture on the implementation of its digital culture policy, and was appointed by the Ministry of Justice to its electronic commerce commission.

Lemos is a founder of Overmundo, for which he received the Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica in the category of digital communities.

Prior to his current position at the FGV, Lemos worked at the law firm Suchodolski Advogados Associados, practicing technology, telecommunications and corporate law. He also worked as professor of Sociology of Law at the University of Sao Paulo Law School and at the Brazilian Society for Public Law (SBDP).

Lemos' academic qualifications include a J.D., University of Sao Paulo Law School, a Master of Laws degree, Harvard Law School, and a Doctor of Law, University of Sao Paulo." (

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