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= Neo-Kantian, neo-organicist philosopher; and developer of a philosophy of human dignity



"Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (CA), but raised 350 miles east of Regina, in Winnipeg (aka "Winterpeg"), Manitoba CA--where he played hockey, wrote reams of very bad poetry, and attended the same high school as Neil Young, among other notable personal achievements--Robert Hanna received his from BA from the University of Toronto CA in 1979 and his PhD from Yale University USA in 1989, and has held research or teaching positions at the University of Cambridge UK, the University of Colorado at Boulder USA, the University of Luxembourg LU, PUC-PR Brazil, Yale, and York University CA. Currently, he's an independent philosopher, Director of the online philosophy mega-project, Philosophy Without Borders, Director of The Contemporary Kantian Philosophy Project, and also editor of two journals: Borderless Philosophy and Contemporary Studies in Kantian Philosophy. He's also a Life Member of Clare Hall College (since 1999) and Fitzwilliam College (since 2009), both at the University of Cambridge. Philosophically, he's a resolute generalist, with a broadly but also radically Kantian orientation, whose work focuses on fundamental issues and problems in the philosophy of mind-&-knowledge, philosophical logic, the philosophy of free will-&-agency, and ethics, broadly construed so as to include the philosophy of religion and political philosophy. He also has strong interests in the history of modern philosophy from Bacon/Hobbes/Descartes to contemporary philosophy, the philosophy of nature and natural science, critical metaphilosophy, and social philosophy. "


"In those areas, he's authored or co-authored 150+ articles (including book reviews), and twelve books, including Kant and the Foundations of Analytic Philosophy (OUP, 2001), Kant, Science, and Human Nature (OUP, 2006), Rationality and Logic (MIT, 2006), Embodied Minds in Action (co-authored with M. Maiese, OUP, 2009), In Defense of Intuitions: A New Rationalist Manifesto (co-authored with A. Chapman, A. Ellis, T. Hildebrand, and H. Pickford, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), Cognition, Content, and the A Priori (OUP, 2015, aka THE RATIONAL HUMAN CONDITION, Vol.5), the first four volumes of THE RATIONAL HUMAN CONDITION (Nova Science, 2018)—including the Preface and General Introduction (RHC vol. 1, 2018), Deep Freedom and Real Persons (RHC vol. 2, 2018), Kantian Ethics and Human Existence (RHC vol. 3, 2018), and Kant, Agnosticism, and Anarchism (RHC vol. 4, 2018)—and The Mind-Body Politic (co-authored with Michelle Maiese, Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). His most recent published book, The Fate of Analysis: Analytic Philosophy From Frege To The Ash-Heap of History, and Toward a Radical Kantian Philosophy of the Future (MDC, 2021), completes a 20-year trilogy that began with Kant and the Foundations of Analytic Philosophy (2001) and Kant, Science, and Human Nature (2006). And he's also written four other books for universal free sharing: The Philosophy of the Future (2022), Morality and the Human Condition (2020), Thinking For a Living (2019), and Dare To Think For Yourself! (2017)."

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- He can be contacted by e-mail at <[email protected]>.