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= "a platform for rapid, objective, journal-independent peer reviews for manuscripts and preprints".

Contextual Quote

"Journal-independent portable review has the potential to accelerate and streamline the process of publishing. Authors can use their peer reviews to inform their journal selection and find the best fit for their work from the start. Because the reviews carry over to any affiliate journal, it will also reduce re-reviewing at multiple journals that currently imposes a large burden of duplicated activities across the scientific community (estimated at millions of hours of reviewer time each year)."

- Veronique Kiermer [1]


Veronique Kiermer:

"Review Commons, that will provide a platform for rapid, objective, journal-independent peer reviews for manuscripts and preprints. We are excited to be part of this initiative and to learn from our community’s response how we can rethink peer review to save authors’, reviewers’, and editors’ time and enhance transparency and objectiveness.

Created by ASAPbio and EMBO Press, Review Commons will organize a single round of journal-agnostic review for manuscripts in the life sciences submitted to the service. Upon receiving the reviews, the authors can decide to simply post them alongside their preprint on bioRxiv and/or to submit their manuscript — including reviews–to one of the 17 journals affiliated with Review Commons. If the chosen journal decides to proceed with the submission, it commits to not involve new reviewers unless a specific aspect of the article needs to be further evaluated." (


  • "All the PLOS journals within scope — PLOS Biology, PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS Genetics, PLOS ONE and PLOS Pathogens — will welcome submissions reviewed at Review Commons." [2]