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= a contract between members of a digital trust network, it defines a set of core principles for respect of personal data that provides a strong foundation for a whole new era of apps and services.



Kosta Peric:

"Among the three trust frameworks currently available, an intriguing one is the “Respect Trust Framework”. The idea of this framework is to not only establish a digital identity, but also to provide individuals control over ownership and sharing of their data on the internet. The key to the framework is the use of a crowd-sourced, peer-to-peer reputation system. It’s really very simple – people can vouch for you (for example, say “I vouch for John Smith’s innovativeness”), or complain about you (“I complain about John Smith’s stubbornness”). Similarly to eBay’s reputation system, the peer-to-peer reputation system grows over time, and the more vouches and complaints about a particular person, the more precise the information is and therefore the trust level in this person increases or decreases.

Respect Network is a project run by Respect Network Corporation and which uses OIX’s Respect Trust Framework to implement the first trusted personal data network. Notable partners include Neustar and Swisscom, and Innotribe is involved.

Users of this network own their data (unlike centralised social networks such as Facebook and eBay). Users then establish secure channels between their personal data clouds, under very strong privacy and security rules. All the software and protocols uses are open to encourage inter-operability and to prevent any single company taking control.

Respect Network also establishes a crowd-sourced peer-to-peer reputation system, implemented through a service called ( is in private beta now and will be launched soon. You can request access on the website).

The architects of the Respect Network include an impressive number of people, among which Drummond Reed (who is also a co-founder of, Doc Searls, Craig Burton, Phil Windley who I have all met at Innotribe events and respect enormously.

The peer-to-peer reputation network establishes naturally a chain of trust. The chains begin with a number of known people, called Founding Trust Anchors, who provide credibility. These are people whose identity is publicly verifiable - members of the Internet identity, security, and privacy communities who believe in the power of a peer-to-peer, socially-verified reputation network. Others are early users of the Connect.Me private beta. Others still (you?) will emerge over time." (


An Overview of the Respect Trust Framework

"The Respect Trust Framework establishes five simple universal principles governing the control and protection of identity and personal data­­—principles that operate at a higher level than conventional privacy policies. These principles can be summed up in “the 5 P’s”: A promise of permission, protection, portability, and proof.

The framework specifies a network-wide reputation system with four escalating levels of trust as the primary enforcement mechanism for compliance. This unique form of self-regulation provides a strong incentive for every member of the network to “do the right thing” with personal data and communications. Individuals can begin using this socially-verified reputation network today at Connect.Me.

The Respect Trust Framework can be extended by any subcommunity that has more specific trust requirements. Such a community—for example, a financial services network, a health information exchange, a children’s network, or a social network—can inherit all the benefits of the Respect Trust Framework and the Respect Reputation System while adding more specific rules and regulations that apply within their own network." (

Complete wording at [1].

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