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= platform/portal for renting, connecting consumers to rental businesses



"OpenTable for the rental industry. We connect consumers with local ski rental, tool rental and party rental shops to make renting online as easy as shopping online. Rentcycle promotes reuse by making it easy for consumers to gain access to the experiences they want without the burdens of ownership.

The idea came… while training for a triathlon. Rather than pay $600 to ship my bike cross-country, I attempted to rent a race bike at my destination. The process was so painful, I knew it had to be fixed. The week after the race, I wrote the business plan for Rentcycle!

I believe it’s the right moment for Rentcycle to take off because… people are realizing that life is a lot less complicated, costly and cluttered without the hassles of possession. Today’s cost-conscious, green, savvy consumer prefers experiences to objects and Rentcycle provides the technology needed to easily gain temporary access to products from trusted sources.

Favorite Rentcycle success story so far… was when a cyclist from The Netherlands successfully used Rentcycle to find and rent a race bike for a triathlon in San Francisco. More than two years prior, I had attempted the same feat online to no avail. Seeing the Rentcycle concept come full-circle was very rewarding.

Did you know that the term “dumpster rental” is searched 110,000 times per month? “Boat rental” is searched 450,000 times per month. It’s fascinating to observe the trends for what people prefer to access temporarily versus own." (