Reflections on the Transition Model to 21st Century Participatory Democracy

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  • Book: Reflections on the Transition Model to 21st Century Participatory Democracy. Ed. by Coordinator: Dr. Heinz Dieterich. Mexico City, 2012

This book contains the Proceedings of the World Advanced Research Project (WARP): State, market and human development in the 21st Century, UAM-ICyTDF-CASS-IFPÖ/SCPE, Mexico City, May 23rd to 24th, 2012. ISBN-13: 978-3-932 210-11-2



1. Dr. Heinz Dieterich/Dr. Raimundo Franco (Mexico-Germany, Cuba). The new Paradigm of Transition Sciences and its role in the quest for a democratic and sustainable global order for the 21st Century

2. Dr. Paul Cockshott (UK). The main feedback loops in the world system: open questions?

3. Dr. Carsten Stahmer (FRG). Advancing the configuration of 21st Century civilization: Dynamic modeling towards a society of solidarity. Proposals for a global working program

4. Dr. José Antonio de la Peña (México). The role of mathematics in the transition to 21st Century democracy.

5. Dr. Cheng Enfu (Peoples Republic of China, PRCH). Different Possibilities in the Development of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the 21st Century: The Role of an Innovative School of Marxism.

6. Alfredo Jalife-Rahme (Mexico). China´s role in the emerging global world order and the battle for a postcapitalist 21st Century civilization

7. Michel Bauwens (Belgium/Thailand). The triarchical structure of the post-Westphalian global order

8. Heinz Bierbaum (FRG). Can a participatory democracy and non-market economy evolve or be achieved within the current parliamentary system? Comments on the strategy of the European Left. 9. Peter Fleissner (Austria) The Marxian transformation problem revisited

10. Klaus Bartsch (FRG). Thoughts on the Macroeconomics of the Transitional Period from Financial Markets Driven Capitalism to Labour Value regulated 21st Century Socialism