Redistribution Markets

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= one of three forms of sharing infrastructures or Collaborative Consumption identified by Rachel Botsman in The Rise of Collaborative Consumption: Redistribute used or pre-owned goods from where they are not needed to somewhere or someone where they are.


"This system is based on used or pre-owned goods being passed on from someone who does not want them to someone who does want them. This is another alternative to the more common 'reduce, reuse, recycle, repair' methods of dealing with waste." (


Compiled by Rachel Botsman at [1]:

  1. Big marketplaces: craigslist, eBay, Flippid, Gumtree
  2. Free exchanges: Freecycle, Kashless, Around Again
  3. Swap sites for books: BookHopper, Thebookswap, Paperbackswap, Bookmooch
  4. Swap sites for baby goods and toys: Toyswap, thredUp, Swapitbaby, Swapkidsclothes
  5. Clothing swaps: Swapstyle, Clothing Exchange, 99 Dresses, Big Wardrobe
  6. Swap sites for media (Dvd’s, books, games): Swap, SwapSimple, Dig N’Swap