Reddito Garantito e nuovi diritti sociali

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Reddito Garantito e nuovi diritti sociali
I sistemi di protezione del reddito in Europa a confronto per una legge nella regione Lazio
BIEN Italia, 2006



A new book promoted by the Councillor's Office for Labour in the region of Lazio (Italy). It focuses on different patterns of social security in Europe, with a specific reference to the international and historical debate about basic income. It also looks at the transformations in the Italian labour market during the last years, with the rise of vulnerability and new poverty. The book, consisting of more than 200 pages, includes 5 main questions regarding basic income and related guaranteed income schemes:

  • who are the recipients?;
  • how much should the basic income be?;
  • where should funds come from?;
  • when and how should the basic income be granted?"

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