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Prof. Dr. emeritus Rainer Kuhlen – University of Konstanz – Department for Computer and Information Science

Scientific and Teaching Profile: Information Retrieval; Hypertext; Information Markets; Information Ethics and Politics; Collaborative Knowledge Management for e-learning, Theories of the Commons Professional functions: Since 1980 Professor for Information Science in the Computer and Information Science at the University of Konstanz; Chair of the Committee for Communication and Information of the German Commission for the UNESCO; UNESCO Chair for Communications (ORBICOM); Chairperson of NETHICS e.V. (Ethics in the Net); Member of the Board of the German Society for Information Science (Hochschulverband für Informationswissenschaft – HI); Chairperson for the German Coalition “Copyright for Education and Science”. Recent books: Consequences of information agents (1999); Information ethics (2004); Successful failure - twilight of copyright? (2008)

Representing NETHICS (www.netethics.net) at the Berlin Commons Conference, November 1-2, 2010 - Ethics in the Net, mainly A2K topics



  • Ethical foundation of knowledge as a common. Preprint Vortrag Seoul 8.10.2010 (text: http://bit.ly/b85rUO)
  • Towards a commons-based copyright. IFLA World Conference Gothenburg 14.8.2010 (PP: http://bit.ly/9aa3Zg)
  • Gemeingüter – Wohlstand durch Teilen (Silke Helfrich Rainer Kuhlen Wolfgang Sachs Christian Siefkes) Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung 22.10.2010 (http://bit.ly/by8kBR)

More Information

[email protected] - URL: www.kuhlen.name