Race-Positive Design

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  • Conference Paper / Article: Race-positive Design: A Generative Approach to Decolonizing Computing. By Ron Eglash, Audrey Bennett, et al. CHI2020, April 2020

URL = https://www.researchgate.net/publication/340418728_Race-positive_Design_A_Generative_Approach_to_Decolonizing_Computing


“Removing racial bias from algorithms or social process is necessary, but alone it is insufficient. The "bias" framework tends to treat race as unwanted noise; best when suppressed or eliminated. This attitude extends to classrooms, where an attempt to be "colorblind" leads to what Pollock calls "colormute"; fearful of even mentioning race. Just as feminists developed "sex-positive feminism" in the 1970s, we now need race-positive design. Thinking about race as positive presence-as cultural capital; histories of resistance; bindings between lands and peoples-can be a generative force in computing development. Here we detail the application and assessment of African fractals, Native American bio-computation; urban artisanal cyborgs and other hybrid forms in which race-positive technology design can make important contributions. These include community-based CS education; computational support for sustainable architecture; unalienated labor in human-machine collaboration, and other forms of generative justice.”