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by Alex Godson:

""In 2017, the city commenced a new experiment for collaborative living: public co-housing.

‘Porto 15’ is the first public housing in Italy dedicated to people under 35 years old. Given that in Italy around 67% of this age group lives with their parents, this represents a real social innovation.

In total, 18 apartments (about 45 beds) were renovated in a building belonging to the city council and located in the historic city centre. Each floor of the modernised building now contains shared service and spaces, such as a communal living room/kitchen and laundry. By working with the young people, who pay a lower than average rent, via the creation of a ‘charter of values’, which set out an agreement of what is to be expected, both the municipality and the local community benefit.

“Normally as a public administration we are directing the process,” says Calastri. “However, in this case the intention is made by the future residents to decide which kind of values to share, what activities to do, and how to create the relationship between them and the city.” Giving residents a say is one of the big bonuses of this new model for collaborative living."