Public-Private-Citizen Governance Partnership at Local level

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Vilawatt Project for Community Solar Energyin Viladecans

Christian Iaione et al. :

"An example of a community-led financial solution to expand the community production of solar energy ... is the Vilawatt project carried out by the city of Viladecans, which implemented an innovative approach with EU support through the Urban Innovative Action program, part of the Regional Development Fund.

It foresees the implementation of a public-private-citizen partnership for energy governance, starting with an experiment in the Montserratina District. The transition will begin with the creation of an Innovative Public-Private-Citizen Governance Partnership at Local level (PPCP) that will manage the new local tools for the transition: energy supply, energy currency, energy savings services, deep energy renovation investments and renewable energy production. Members of the entity will be the municipality together with the local businesses and the citizens of Viladecans, and it will create a local energy operator who will be the local energy supplier and the renewable energy producer, and an energy savings company, offering energy savings services and energy renovation investment to all the members. The project also provides for the creation of energy engaged communities, citizen funded initiatives focused on the deep energy retrofit of buildings, still not mature at the current stage of the development of the project. The latter aspect is clearly the project’s existing challenge and the most promising experiment reviewed by this Article. A governance model for tech-enabled energy self-production would require the creation of a neighborhood community micro-grid that would make the district self-sufficient. Through incentives, therefore, the community will be able to install photovoltaic systems that will be owned and managed by the community itself. The energy produced might also be able to support the creation of a community network so that the local community can selfmanage and share the energy." (