Protocol for 3D Printing Masks

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  • Document:PROTOCOL FOR 3D PRINTING MASKS. DRAFT DOCUMENT, UNDER TEST. K. Grammatis | fb: @iamkosta | t: @kgram | ig: @kgrammatis (Permalink:


This protocol details using a conventional FDM 3D printer to create face masks that aim to be similar in performance to N95 masks - which are in short supply around the world.

This protocol uses a MERV 13 (or higher) / HEPA air conditioning / HVAC filter to remove particles from air. These can filter out 0.3 microns particle size, which is the same as the N95 mask. Any HEPA filter can be used if made to fit in the mask. As limited testing has been done the efficacy of this design is not yet determined, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. For questions / concerns please leave a comment.