Priority Intervention Neighborhoods and Zones - Lisbon

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= “In 2010, the City Council of Lisbon, aware of the urban inequalities in the city, identified seventy-seven Priority Intervention Neighborhoods and Zones (BIP/ZIP, original acronym in Portuguese).”


GeCo Living Lab:

“The program is a model of participatory governance that consists of the development of actions implemented by the civil society itself in the BIPs/ZIPs, with the financial and technical support of the City Council. Through this program, the City Council is trying to reinforce the socio-territorial cohesion of the municipality by mobilising citizens’ energy in the search for solutions that can continue into the future. The interventions can be related to the improvement of the appearance of the neighborhood, the creation of services and activities for the community and visitors, the restoration, re-zoning and occupancy of public space, the promotion of the citizenry, the prevention of risk-related behavior, etc. To date there have been five editions of the program. “ (