Poultry-Centered Regenerative Agriculture

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Still at project stage (2017):

"The team at Main Street Project is ready to dig in—literally. The organization announced today that it has purchased 100 acres of farmland near Northfield, a significant step in expanding its poultry-centered regenerative agriculture system through the region and changing the way food is produced around the world. The farmland is on Mud Creek, located on the northeast side of Northfield, in Dakota County. It will showcase the organization’s replicable, scalable system and provide a more expansive space for education and training programs for new and established farmers.

When Main Street Project’s farm is completed it will demonstrate the organization’s highly efficient, livestock and perennial-based agriculture system. Chickens will range in paddocks designed to mimic their natural habitat. They provide meat, eggs and natural fertilizer. Hazelnuts and elderberries are planted inside the paddock to provide cover for the birds, and outside of the paddock to provide cash crops for small farmers. Annual edible crops, like beans and garlic, are planted between the rows of perennials. The farm shows what is possible for the future of agriculture: a biodiverse system of symbiotically connected livestock and perennials, with no chemical inputs, that create the potential to build soil, retain and clean water, and deliver economic benefits to the community."