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URL = http://portoalegre.cc/


The project PortoAlegre.cc is the realisation of the Wikicidade concept. It is a platform that was created at the Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos- Unisinos. It permits to discuss the history, current reality and future of a given territory and was born out of the pioneer experience " Redenção.cc" of the Unisinos in the Parque da Redenção.

PortoAlegre.cc is a space in which democracy becomes radicalized, where one has a voice to debate their city and to show what is good and what needs to be changed. More so, one can give their opinion of how the city can get better and can group up with other people in order to make it happen. Is their any place in your neighborhood of historical interest? You can create a wikispot for them. More so, you can create one wikispot for your own neighborhood and incentive the discussion between your neighbors about what is going on around there and what needs to get better. This is how you make a difference.

Every of the 82 neighborhoods is represented in PortoAlegre.cc. It is a fair and digital copy of how the city works. You can navegate along the maps and directly publish the contents in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo.

The "cc" derives from the term Creative Commons, an open source facility that helps to share cultural contents with everyone. This way, the entire project is designed to be open to everyone who is interested in creating their own wikispot for a place in their city.